Q: I'm getting ready to remodel my house and want to add a surround sound system in the living room.  When should I call you to come out and install my equipment?

A: Before a hammer is swung!  You should contact us as soon as you have a contractor, so we can come out and consult with both of you on what your end expectation is with your new surround sound system.  Explain what needs to happen to meet that expectation and even  provide you with a quote to install the infrastructure of your new system.  It's a common misconception that we can install a quality sound system in a home after the remodel project is done.  Getting us involved at the beginning of your project will save you time and money; leaving you with a quality result you can be proud of.

Q:  I have an old camera system that has poor video quality.  Is there anyway to update it to high definition?

A: Yes, we have solutions to update an aging surveillance system to High definition quality.


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